If you wish to order one of our 4 day plans, 2 day or 1 day cleanse delivered on the Tuesday then the order will need to be with us by Sunday 11.30pm.

If you want a 2 day cleanse, 1 day cleanse or a JuicyBOX delivered on Thursday then the order will need to be with us by 11:30pm on the Tuesday.

For any orders which are received after the cut off period will be delivered the following week. To avoid disappointment we always advise our clients to order ASAP.

We advise drinking the ‘night’ tea around 1-2 hrs before bed, the ‘detox’ tea in the morning and the ‘cleanse’ tea in the afternoon.

We deliver to Hassocks, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath and for group orders Brighton & Hove. Our local service operates slightly differently to our main service as deliveries are on Monday and Wednesday evenings meaning your juicing days will be tues,wed,thurs and fri. Our local service is extremely limited so if you want to order or have a question then please email us at hello@juicytox.co.uk

Please send us a message via our contact page with your requirements and we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

We must advise that all our products are made in a facility where nuts are present so we would not advise anyone with a nut allergy to partake in our cleanses.

Some ingredients can be removed (Citrus and Pineapple usually) so please contact us prior to ordering and we can advise further.

No. The produce by this time has already been purchased and your space has been allocated. These drinks have been made in a way to get results so you may not like the taste of them but try to remember just how much good they’re doing you. You can always add fresh mint, lemon or cinnamon if you want to alter them,

We recommend doing a cleanse every 2/3 months. If you’ve never done this before you might find it a little difficult but once you’ve completed it you know you can do it and you will find the next one a lot easier.

Please refer to our OUR FLAVOURS page which tells you what’s in our amazing juices.

Separation occurs naturally so before opening just give it a shake and it will be fine

We would recommend you drink our juices alongside a healthy eating plan but we certainly don’t recommend you have just the juices.

No. After your detox you might find that your smoking cravings are reduced.

Over the course of the week you’re likely to feel tired, light headed and the occasional headache. These are common symptoms of ‘detoxing’ as your body is releasing the bad toxins within your system. By the end of the week you should feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Just remember you’re not getting ill, you’re getting better!

How much is the cleanse? – Please visit our Shop where you will be able to find all our current offerings. Remember to follow us on social media as we often advertise our special promotions there.

Absolutely. If you would like more info then please contact us with your requirements and we will be delighted to work something out for you.

Yes we do

YES!!! If you’re really struggling then you can eat some fruit but for the 4 days we recommend only the juices provided. Our drinks are surprisingly filling so it’s important to differentiate between being hungry or just wanting to eat something. If you feel that you can’t do this then what we recommend you consume the juices alongside salad or healthy meals. You will still notice some results by doing this.

Unfortunately not. You can drink hot lemon water and the Pukka teas that we provide you. If you’re missing a hot drink then you can also drink hot lemon water. We advise you to stop drinking caffeine ASAP before you start your cleanse as this gives the worst withdrawal symptoms.

Your energy levels will be a lot lower so we recommend NO STRENUOUS EXERCISE during the cleanse.

All packages include 4 ginger shots, 4 lemons, 4 teas, straws and 2 deliveries as part of the price. Our Platinum, Premium and Rejuve cleanses all come with 8 more Pukka teas

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday

This is possible but it will mean you need to upgrade your delivery’s to a ‘Pre 10;30’ service. The most cost effective way of doing this is downloading the DPD app and upgrading the service directly through them.

Your Juicytox delivery comes in 2 parts. Your first delivery will be Tuesday and your second will be Thursday

Everyone’s body is different so it’s impossible to say. We’ve had results from 5lbs to 18lbs (Yes, 18 lbs!!!). The important thing is remembering that once you finish the cleanse you look at your eating habits and partake in regular exercise.

Please drink within 72 hours of delivery.

We strongly recommend you don’t freeze the juices. Not only will you lose nutrients by freezing but they will also taste very watery when you defrost them.

No, our juices do not include any dairy products.

Our Signature, Premium and Rejuve cleanses are suitable for vegetarians but we do use Bee Pollen in our Platinum range.

On the morning of your delivery you will receive a text with a 1hr time slot for when your delivery will be arriving, this can be anytime between 8.30 & 7pm. If you’re expecting a delivery and you’ve not been contacted and the parcel is not with you by 3pm then please phone 01273 447250